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Practice Safe Scents, Abstain From The Wick!

We won’t deny it, we think our Scentsy Warmers are fantastic! As a leading innovator in the wickless candle space since 2004, we’ve seen all the advantages these fragrance systems have to offer. But don’t click away just yet, candle-lovers — we believe in giving credit where credit is due! Wick candles still have many appealing qualities, and we want to take an honest look at how Scentsy Warmers measure up:

Advantages of candles

Old-school aesthetic: Even if the whole world were convinced to go wickless overnight, Hollywood could keep the candle industry afloat with historical dramas and fantasy movies alone. Whether you’re a professional set designer, or just really into cottagecore, wick candles offer a truly nostalgic touch of the past.

  • Melted candles tell a story: Have you ever seen a candle holder surrounded by years of melted candle wax? Maybe your grandparents created one of these stunning displays, simply replacing the candle year after year, while leaving the remains of all those that came before in a multi-colored cascade of re-hardened wax. We don’t regret designing Scentsy Warmers to be easy to clean, but we must admit, there’s something deeply romantic about these ever-evolving monuments to candle-lit dinners.

  • Low-tech lighting: In situations where electricity is unavailable, candles are good to have on-hand. For example, you can give yourself light during a blackout without relying on batteries. While Scentsy has plenty of Unplugged products to enjoy fragrance without electricity, they don’t double as light sources.

Advantages of Scentsy Warmers

  • No open flame: For people living with pets and/or young children, candles can be the source of a lot of anxiety. Scentsy Warmers don’t rely on hazardous open flames, instead using low-watt light bulbs or heating elements to melt wax. While any electrical appliance comes with its own safety considerations, warmers have helped fragrance lovers around the world relax with their favorite scents.

  • Smoke and soot be gone: The hazards of candles aren’t limited to open flames. The smoke and soot from burning wicks can be a nightmare to clean up. Once again, the innovative designs of Scentsy Warmers make this a concern of the past, allowing you to focus on enjoying great fragrance while making cleanup a snap!

  • Endless décor possibilities: Removing the wick from the equation opens a world of design possibilities! Just look at our current lineup of Warmers and Mini Warmers — you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style of home décor. Best of all, exciting new warmers are released all the time!

Written by Scentsy

We have a wide variety of beautiful and fun warmers along with over 80 fragrances.

I would love to help you pick put the perfect warmer & fragrance for your space. Would you like to smell before you buy? Just let me know!

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