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A story of freshness



I am a gal from Texas who transplanted to Idaho about 30 years ago.  My husband, Sean, and I have raised our 6 fabulous kids in this gorgeous part of the world.  I am also a Buela to 7 adorable grandkids.

I am the 1st Scentsy Independent Consultant. Being the 1st Scentsy Consultant has been an extraordinary experience from the get go.

Sean, introduced me to Orville Thompson, CEO of Scentsy, and told him about my years of experience in the Direct Selling Business. We met, decided to collaborate and go to work on the Consultant Handbook.That was back in the Spring of 2004. Scentsy has grown exponentially, even as much as in many different countries.

Scentsy is far more than wax and warmers.  We have a family culture within our consultant base.  I have seen this business opportunity change lives for the better.  The stories are endless and bring incredible joy.  

Through Scentsy I have reaped many rewards, one of which is meeting up with scores of remarkable people, numerous I can truly call my friends and have come to trust. While others have taught me valuable lessons. For all, I value.

I marvel at the continued growth of the Scentsy culture going world wide! I always enjoy visiting about Scentsy: the business, the opportunity it offers and the whole "bar" of wax!

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