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If you LOVE Scentsy, buy Scentsy or have ever even thought about selling Scentsy - NOW is the time!

New Consultants who join in March and earn the Shooting Star Award will receive the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit — a $309 value — free! Saaaay, whaaat?!

New Consultants earn the Shooting Star Award when they reach at least 500 points in Personal Retail Volume ($500PRV) in their first 15 days — no easy feat! But the benefit to their new business is huge. YOU can do this!

When a new Consultant earns the award, they are eligible to purchase the kit, which includes SEVERAL of our top-selling products to help strengthen their business. It typically costs $200, but Consultants who join in March get the kit FREE! Achievers also receive a special charm and bracelet or pin.

I would love to have you on my Scentsy team! I am Scentsy's very 1st consultant and let me tell you - the sky is the limit with our world-wide company. Questions? I'd love to answer them - 1STWICKLESS@GMAIL.COM or HERE!

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