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99 Problems But Regret Isn't 1

What's the last thing you spent $99 on? Think about it.

I have spent $99 on many things, unintentionally.

Ever gone into Costco for 2 items & end up at the register with a cart full of "things"? I know I sure have! I cringe to think about all the Target, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby trips that ended the same way. Once I get home...regret definitely comes into play.

However, there is in fact one thing I spent $99 on that gave me zero doubts. Rather than giving me feelings of remorse, it provided me an opportunity!

Though our fabulous Scentsy Starter Kit is $99, the supplies and contents far exceed that value. When I got my kit, I had the same choice as anyone who takes the leap of faith and joins. Whether I did nothing with the kit and only sold items to get a discount and become my best customer or if I hit the road running to see where this opportunity could take was all up to me. I chose to hustle!

This $99 investment gave me an opportunity to grow as a woman, Mom, wife & daughter. Along with personal growth, this journey has taken me on many (FREE) incentive trips across the world. I have made so many friends that I absolutely adore. I have stepped out of my comfort zone, made some BIG scary goals, and proved to myself that I am indeed "that" woman.

Whether you are looking for a bit of extra income or looking to replace your main gig, Scentsy provides you with the skills, training, and opportunity - the rest is up to you. When you become part of my group, Team Fabulous, you will have access to our community and have me as your personal mentor, coach, and cheerleader!

I'd love to answer any of your questions! In the meantime, there is some fabulous information here.

Because it's the law, I must let you know that "results are not typical" but neither are you!

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