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Amethyst Scentsy Warmer

Amethyst Scentsy Warmer

Admire it for the jewel-like tones and intricate patterns, but you will come to rely upon the Amethyst Scentsy Warmer to light up and scent your world. Deep purple background edged all around with silvery detailing, this special warmer shines like a starry night and shares a mysterious aromatic aura.

Richly textured with raised, repeating designs, the background is a gem-like purpled hue, with silvery accents. The warmer’s shape is a rectangular prism, with a squared and edged lid ready to hold your most favored Scentsy cubes. The intriguing decoration makes it worthy of displaying with pride, and as a warmer, it shines and scents like the treasure it will become.

This is a retired warmer.

I'm always more than happy to try & locate a retired product for my customers. Please contact me for availability.


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